Corporate Law

The Firm provides legal counsel to individuals and companies in a wide range of civil and commercial matters, and applies its expertise to a variety of corporate transactions, formation and reorganization of companies, M & A, restructuring and insolvency, contracts and general corporate advise to companies in all their requirements.

Mining and natural resources

FS Abogados advises important clients in the mining area, providing support at all stages of mining activity, from grass roots exploration to mine closure. Our expertise includes all legal matters related to mining property, mining companies and contracts, royalties, joint ventures, partnership negotiations, foreign investment, permitting, licenses and regulatory issues, financing, construction of mining projects, their implementation and operation.

The Firm has extensive experience in natural resources, including forestry projects, water rights, agribusiness and renewable energy projects in general. We advise our customers by providing experience and knowledge in addressing the challenges currently present in the industry.

Real Estate Law

Our expertise is centered in counseling and developing real estate projects, primarily commercial and non-urban projects, matters related to urban and land use planning, administrative permitting, mergers and subdivisions of property, structured finance, and real estate for special purposes such as conservation and leisure.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

FS Abogados advises its clients to conduct their business avoiding contingencies. However, when required, we assume the defense and representation of their interests in court, whether in ordinary or special courts, and in all forms of civil, commercial, and mining litigation, arbitration processes, dissolution of estates and other forms of dispute resolution.


FS Abogados practice in this area centers on the development and strengthening of our clients labor relationships, participating actively in the processes of hiring personnel, collective negotiations, relationship with unions and internal investigations.

Likewise, we concentrate on the resolution of judicial or administrative conflicts typical of work relationships.